Wood Pressed Groundnut Oil – KYWC Series 002

Wood Pressed Groundnut Oil – KYWC Series 002

Groundnut oil is available in Indian Market  in refined and filtered forms.

1) Is Filtered Oil and Refined Oil Safe? Why?

Although filtered oils are nutritionally superior, they may contain toxic compounds if the filtration process is not of high quality. Hence, it is better to buy groundnut oils of reputed brands. Groundnut oil is suitable for all types of cooking, particularly deep frying, grilling and seasoning. Raw groundnut oil is not suitable for direct human consumption for various safety reasons. Therefore, it is refined through various processes in which it is purified, refined, bleached and deodorized. The refined groundnut oil may also be available in packs marked under the standard AGMARK.

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2) Is AntiOxidants Good for Health?.(TBHQ/BHT/BHA)*

The Food Standards and Safety Rules, 2011, and rules made under IS 544: 1968 permit additions of antioxidants in groundnut oil for higher shelf life of the oil. However, under the scheme of labelling of environment-friendly products, the presence of antioxidants within a prescribed limit is a requirement as per notification of the Ministry of Environment and Forests.

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3) Aflatoxin?

Aflatoxin is a kind of toxin or poison produced by the mould Aspergillus flavus. When animals or humans consume these compounds, they suffer from severe health effects. Aflatoxin limit  is 30ppb. However, AGMARK is more stringent, requiring an absence of this carcinogen. Aflatoxin generally develops due to poor oil seed storage conditions and presence of undesirable moisture in the groundnuts.

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4) Rancidity?

Rancidity is the development of off flavour and taste during the storage of product or also due to presence of impurities and moisture in the end product. Rancid oils are not likely to affect one’s health adversely, but are unfit for consumption due to their off flavour

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We have the answers for the above.

Refined and Filtered Oils are safe as mentioned above.However due to bleaching and Deodrizing the Composition of Essential fats are subject to chemical changes may not be good for health.Hene we don’t Deodrize and Bleach.We extract from the Cold processing machines processed at Room temperature. Hence the Essential Fats remains untouched.Hence our Branded Oils are safe for Health and Environment-safe.

②.Anti-Oxidants are allowed with in the permissable limits as prescribed by FSSAI.However due to Antioxidants nature, there are possibilites of Health impacts.Hence we don’t use none of the Preservatives or AntiOxidants.Hence Our products are safe to Consume

Aflotoxin as mentioned it is a toxic substance which will induce severe health effects.In order to avoid aflotoxin we are in Stringent process of quality check before the Groundnut seeds are crushed.Ground nut seeds are exposed to Sunlight before it is crushed to ensure that there are no Aflotoxins. 

Rancidity is a chemical process which makes the Oil not fot for human cosumption. Rancidity is due to prolonged exposure to Sunlight over a period of time. Since the duration between the manufactruring and consumption is less than 2 to 3 Months. There is no possibility of Rancidity in NILAVOLI Branded Groundnut oils.


Our Nilavoli Brand  offers 100% pure, high-quality Wood pressed that is rich in its natural nutrients.

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