Things You Should Know About Wood Pressed Oil

Things You Should Know About Wood Pressed Oil

Things You Should Know About Wood Pressed Oil

What is Wood Pressed Oil?.

Wood Pressed Oil or Marachekku Ennai is known for its extensive health benefits. This method was popularly used in Tamil Nadu before modern machinery took over. Prepared naturally, Marachekku ennai retains the nutrients of its oil seed that is generally lost in refined and processed oil where the high application of heat is used to extract oil.

Wood pressed oil does not involve the application of heat, and is also known as cold-pressed oil. It is extracted naturally with a machine called the wood press. This machine grinds the oil seeds with a wooden log crushing it and the heat generated by this method is absorbed by the wood. This lets the oil to retain its natural nutrients.

So why are people still using refined oil?

Well, refined oil is cheap and easily available. The extraction process requires less manual labor and is time-efficient. It also reduces a lot of wastage. However, it comes with a much bigger cost on your health. Refined oil increases blood pressure and causes respiratory problems due to deodorizing and bleaching. Experiments also show that refined oil contains toxins that can cause cancer.

Why Wood Pressed Oil are Costlier? and limited Supply for all brands?

Wood pressed oil, however, requires a lot of manual labor, is more expensive than refined oil, time-consuming and produces a lot of wastage. But it is natural and the healthiest process of extracting oil. Groundnut, sesame, and coconut oil are primarily used cold-pressed oils.

Is it Healthy Option?

There are many advantages to Marachekku ennai. It reduces bad cholesterol, the oils contain anti-inflammatory properties and are also rich in nutrients.

Wood Pressed Sesame Oil is rich in fiber and antioxidants. It prevents diabetes and reduces blood pressure. It improves cardiovascular health and contains anti-cancerous compounds. It also helps reduce skin damage and brings a shining youthful glow.

Wood Pressed Groundnut Oil is low in saturated fats. It is rich in proteins and vitamins and helps in controlling cholesterol. It cures digestive problems and helps in promoting good skin. It helps prevent cardiovascular diseases and cancer, while also increasing fertility and improving heart activity.

Wood Pressed Coconut Oil is high in fiber and proteins. It helps in effective digestion and aids in blood pressure and diabetes. It promotes heart activity and acts as an anti-aging compound. It reduces bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol.

It is essential to use the right kind of oil for cooking, to use one that will contribute to your health. Wood pressed oil has proven to be much healthier than refined and processed oil. Nilavoli believes in keeping the traditional and healthy way of extracting oil alive and blooming. Our products, Groundnut Oil, Sesame Oil, and Coconut Oil, are all wood pressed and are completely non-hazardous, & natural.

Nilavoli Brand  offers 100% pure, high-quality Wood pressed that is rich in its natural nutrients.

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