Wood Pressed Coconut Oil – KYWC Series 001

Wood Pressed Coconut Oil – KYWC Series 001

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Copra is a richest source of coconut oil (70%). Moisture content (53.84%, wet basis) in fresh coconuts is required to be reduced to 7% by drying to concentrate oil content. There would be contamination by insects, birds, animals and dust thereby leading to spoilage and degradation of the quality of coconuts. If the drying atmosphere is highly humid, there is an enough possibility of fungal and bacterial infections over the products. 

Real scenario of current markets:

In order to avoid those infections, farmers used the process of sulphur fumigation over the coconuts so as to keep the coconuts in a good condition, ready to be sold out to the merchants. 

Sulphur is used as a preservative in dried fruit to prevent it from spoiling and also to preserve the fruit’s bright colour.

  • The sulphur dioxide is a gas that’s created by burning coal or oil. Breathing sulphur gas is toxic, and too much exposure can cause serious illness or possibly even death.
  • Asthma, Emphysema, Chronic Bronchitis, and respiratory diseases are caused by sulphur.
  • People in taking foods treated with this gas, may experience skin rashes, an upset stomach, or even an asthma attack.
  • Fumigation leads to cancer and environmental pollution


What we do:

  • We procure Coconut from our own farm spreading over 25  hectares
  • We start processing kernels only when there is a demand for coconut oil.
  • Since we process the coconut copra and convert to oil within 3~4 days, we never need  Sulphur fumigation process

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